God Encounters – Praying in the School

I don’t know whether we are allowed to pray for people inside a school, but this morning that is what we did.

Some of you know that I have been training hard and loosing weight but the sound of a fresh hand made pavlova was too much!!!

So I decided for the sake of the kingdom, my own one, to head to the school and try this amazing God given gift. My wife, Denise was there and so was our friend Samantha. I am confessing that this was my second appearance to this group and probably my last one. I came because of … well you know…!

I was a good boy and I only ate half a slice of pavlova, it tasted so good, it was a heavenly experience.

Heaven is what happened next. As we were leaving I noticed a young lady with a cane. No one should have to use a cane in order to walk, especially if you are young like me. So I asked Denise what was wrong with her and my new friend immediately asked me if I wanted to pray for her. That was what I had in mind. So I asked her what was wrong and she requested that we leave the room and talk outside.

What she shared was an impressive medical history and I then called Samantha and Denise to help me to pray and we did. Her back was really sore so much so that she needed the help of a cane! We prayed and laid hands on her back and the pain just went!

To see the amazing expression of joy on her face was so moving. As she left she gave her cane to her son to play with and she walked normally.

All because of a pavlova! Which by the way, was hand made by her especially for this last meeting of parents before the summer break.

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