God Encounters – Just walk across the room!


This morning during our English Class in Duncairn Arts Centre a dear friend and I  were chatting about ministry. As we talked I saw a young woman waking across the cafeteria, she was limping badly, my friend said to me that she is the cleaner. My eyes  were fixed on her and I felt a lot of compassion for her.

Are you going to pray for her? My friend asked!  I did not say a word but I think my face said it all.

Yes! I said

I was imagining her encountering  the Father’s Love through a simple prayer.

But then she left!

Then she came back into the cafeteria to get a bottle of water and  I stood up and walked across the room. I asked her if I can pray for her, she was in a lot of pain –  She said yes

So here are some basic things you may do and say when are praying for someone:

  1. Interview, ask where is the pain and how strong it is.
  2. Ask if you can place your hand on the part of the body that is being afflicted, do this only if it is appropriate, if you can’t don’t do it!
  3. Pray a short prayer of healing, commanding  the pain to leave and for the body to get well, do it in Jesus’ name.
  4. Ask if the pain has gone, if not pray again.
  5. Ask them to do something that they could not do before to see if there is an evidence of healing and improvement.
  6. Make sure that you declare the love of Jesus as you pray.
  7. Give thanks to God, whether they are healed or not.

This morning it was bit interesting as her pain was on her groin so I asked her to put her hand gently where the pain was and I prayed.

I prayed that she will encounter the Love of the Father and I commanded the  pain to leave. At first nothing happened so I prayed again.

Her pain left and she felt much better, she got her water bottle and left the cafeteria with a smile on her face and hardly limping.

Why was my friend able to read my mind? Because I cannot help to think that God may encounter people with his love through a miracle, through healing prayers, through an act of faith!

It only took a walk across the room, a smile and  a prayer.

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