CFC -Don’t rock my boat!

This morning I visited CFC with my two kids. Samuel’s friend family lead the church and we decided to go! We had a great time.

I cannot remember when was the last time I was there only to remember that Paul Reid was the speaker and I can’t remember what he spoke on! This is not a reflection on him but on my lack of memory.

This morning it was Paul!
I left my kids at their children church and I found my place. It was a full house and the worship helped me to rest in the presence of God.

Paul spoke on Matt 14 on the familiar text of Peter waking on water and it was a challenging word.

Last week I decided to read the Gospel of Matthew and I had some time thinking about what it means to walk on water!

Walking on water is a supernatural activity that requires faith and faith is supernatural.

Faith is Risk and Peter’s action was all about risk. It was Peter’s idea to walk on water and Jesus was more than happy to let Peter walk out of the boat.

Paul made the point that Jesus many time is passing by and when he does it is an invitation to join with him. That takes faith and we also experience fear of as we may leave the security of the boat. This also requires commitment.

I was really challenged when Paul said that Jesus was not interested in a part-time relationship with Him. It takes trust and an inner conviction on Jesus’ call – whatever that call may be – is an invitation to intimacy. In fact that invitation is a command.

This reminded me of the radical call to discipleship and my calling as a minister and to live a life of faith, which is supernatural.

Then Paul nailed it, saying “that the greatest danger is to stay inside the boat and those who decide to stay will die of stagnation”

Stagnation is such a strong word, it is a deceiving word. It is a smelly word! You and I may not be aware that we are slowly dying and we are danger because we are holding on to the “security of the boat”.
We don’t like when our boat is being tossed here and there by the winds – Don’t rock my boat!! Yet boat is meant for the sea! It is meant to sail on water!

I really enjoyed CFC and the challenging word and as write I am aware that my two kids are looking at me … they finished their hot chocolate and the steamer and it is time for a walk in the park but I have not finished my coffee…so Don’t Rock my boat …yet!

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