How can you contain what cannot be contained?


Presence is the essence of the Gospel.

Presence is a person.

Presence is simply the powerful manifestation in the physical and spiritual realm of the Presence of God in Christ and in and through the Holy Spirit.

The Presence of God is the central theme of the Bible. Scriptures invite us to receive, to live out and to embrace the Presence of God in our lives.

The Presence of God has the powerful capacity to change us, to make us more like Jesus,In our own uniquenessHe made us to bear His image.

To embrace the Presence of God is to embrace His his character, his commandments, his love, his grace, his power ….His Being. To embrace the Presence of God is to love God in surrendering obedience.

The Presence of God is the Gospel.
Jesus, His Son, Saviour of the world and Saviour of our souls. Emmanuel is the essence of God with us.

Jesus paid the price, the ultimate sacrifice and the only sacrifice possible for us, so that we can have access to the Father, forgiveness of sins and hope. His is motivated by love, love is the essence of His Being, He loves us with passion.

The Father loves the Son and He made sure that we will not live here on earth as orphans but the Father who sent His own Spirit to be with us made us His adopted children, born not of flesh and bones but by His Spirit. 

It is only through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that we have the joy and the hope of Holy Spirit living with us and in us. 

Presence is the Promise given to us and this Promise was given and released on Pentecost.

The Bible urges us to be filled with the Presence of God, with His Spirit. There are many illustrations that points to the fact that we as followers of Christ must seek and be filled with the Presence of God.

It is much better and more joyful to get drunk with the fillling of the Spirit rather than wine that leads to slavery. Paul unsterstood this when he said “Be fillled with the Spirit”.

The Presence of God in us and in our mist is the very essence of his God’s power his declaration and manifestation is being released through his people.

There is no sacrifice require from our us apart from following Him in doing His will. His will has always been to release His Presence on us and that is Intimacy,

The only sacrifice that He asks for us in obedience.

There is a misconception in our missiology that is driven by fear. The fear that I have to sacrifice something to God in order to do his work.
“I need to give up something, I need to died to myself in order to give something to God so that He is pleased with me and therefore I can happily serve him”.

I call that theology a “theology of orphans”.

It is true that we need to died to ourselves in order to get Christ, that is the very point of salvation. We take the John the Baptist approach, that I need to decrease so that He, meaning Jesus, has to increase and yet the Bible says that John was the last OT great prophet. But even the least person in the Kingdom of God is greater than John. How is that possible? Well we are not John the Baptist, we are Sons and Daughters, we are heirs of God and Co-heirs with Christ.

I do and I am in Presence because I am a son, and as a son I represent my Father.
God does not ask me anything but obedience to him in order to fulfil His mission on here on earth.

Presence is resting and releasing His nature, His very Being in us and through us.
That is why Presence is a place of power, a place of discipleship based upon the ancient art of “being”. Being in the presence of God and God releasing His presence in us so that we can overflow and bless others with.

Presence is not about what I give up to God so that I can get to participate in His kingdom. It is about living our true identity as a son and a daughter. Releasing that which fills me more is better than any sacrifice that I would be able to do in order to impress Him. It is His Presence that fills me, equips me and qualifies me.

The Presence of Jesus’ Spirit is contained in his temple, his body, that is his people, you and me. It cannot be contained, it is given to us so that it can be released through your words, through your actions, thought your thoughts, through your walked.

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