God Encounters – NO

He wanted me to know how much He enjoys coming to the cinema!

Last Friday, Denise our friend Tracey and I went to the cinema to watch Dunkirk – great film, I really enjoyed it!.

Before we got to the cinema I prayed that if I have an opportunity to share about God’s love then I will do it.

We got to the ticket counter, got some soft drinks and then we walked to a special room, a room with a view in the Odyssey to get a cup of coffee. Then I felt the Presence of the Lord and I turned back to the barista and I asked her if she had any pain on her neck and on her back. She looked at me, maybe thinking “what kind of question is that? and she said NO. Then I said to her something like:  “That is Great” – then I left that room to join Denise and Tracey.

Did I get it wrong? YES,

Does it matter? NO.

Would I be praying for people again despite this set back?

1. It is not a set back.

2. Yes, definitely, this is part of our training!

Was I embarrassed? If you know me, then you know what the answer is!

Was it awkward? Totally.

Was the Holy Spirit grieved because I got it so wrong? NO.

It does not matter how I felt. What matters is that I tried, that I took the risk and I acted in faith.

The fact that I felt the Presence of the Lord does not mean that it was for other people, it could just mean that He wants to enjoy His Presence with you and me.

He wanted me to know how much He enjoys coming to the cinema!


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