God Encounters – Back to worship

Last year our friend Tracey and her amazing son Noah came to visit us and this year they came back to see us again! That is true friendship!

We just said goodbye to them and we are looking forward to their annual visit next year!

They live in a beautiful place in the south of England. We know Tracey from our time onboard the Logos 2. In fact she was already friends with Denise before I came into the picture. Tracey could write a book and I hope she does, her story is powerful.

We love her and we love her family. I remember her amazing singing voice on the ship and the way she led worship. But because of so many significant life circumstances that voice was somehow silent. Last year Denise and I prayed for her and I said things that I honestly I could not remember, till a week ago!

At  home, with a cup of coffee we begun catching up… you know the “how is life?” – kind of questions!! Then she told me that she had been asked to … then she paused,  and  asked me if I remembered what I prayed for her last year and I honestly didn’t – then she  told me that I had prophetically said that she was going to be back leading worship.

Well, after her visit last year her own church had asked her to join the worship team! The Lord is so good!

I, honestly don’t know what brings me more joy: it is not so much the fact that we got it right in calling her back into her true destiny through a prophetic word, but rather the joy in her face and the spark in her eyes that filled my heart with wonder.

We may get a prophetic word wrong and if that is the case then it is alright. We are training our spiritual gifts. But when we get it somehow right then it brings joy, affirms our calling and our faith and trust in the Lord grows.

What is next for our great friend?… I think she has an amazing teaching gift!!!

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