God Encounters – Tattoos & Coffee!

Last night I met one of my favourite friends, we met in a coffe shop and we talked how important it is to do life with the Presence of God at the centre of it all.

It was late and I think we were the only people left, though, I was told that it is a drive way through coffee shop! Then one of the baristas begun to clean the tables next to us and as we were leaving I noticed his tattoos on his arms, there were unique and I asked him about them, he told me that it was his own design. Cool!

Then I begun asking prophetic led questions, like: do you have a bad back and he said yes, Then I said to him that he comes from a Christian family and  he told us that he comes from a very well known place in our city and that his father, I quote,  “Just became born again”,Wow!

I do not meet people very often  describing that spiritual experience on those terms and it was amazing to see that he was not embarrassed but proud of the fact that his father is following Jesus. We did not have time to pray for him and I promised that I will, specially, as he takes a mechanic apprenticeship at a well known local car dealer. I asked him if he was 18 or 19 years old he told us that he is 19. Then I asked his name, he told me that it is EZRA!! Come on!

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