God Encounters – Steam Room-Prayer Room!

So there I was, after swimming for 45 minutes I headed towards the steam room to relax my body and stretch my right leg (hamstring injury). I sat down, the steam room was on full blow, it was really hot, and I was really sweaty!

Then  the door opened and this girl came in, we greeted each other and that was that, I thought!! Then another man came in and  he was very chatty, specially towards this girl. When he left, I felt that he was lonely and that he needed to talk, then this woman  looked at me and said: ” I think he needed to talk!! Wow!! She read my mind!!

So we established a conversation, it is not always easy to chat to people who are wearing their swimming costumes, in a steam room and in close proximity, but we did.

She told me something about her and about her struggles at that point I was wondering why she was telling me all this!

Then I remember that as I sat on that bench and I prayed and I felt the presence of the Lord, yes in the steam room now to become prayer room!

I asked her about her job and also about her family and then she told me what was really going on in her life. She paused and asked me what I do and I said that I am a minister! She looked  and smile, asking me if I was a real minister, a born again one, I smiled back, (I take for granted that most of Revs are), and I said yes! Then she told me that she is a Christian, but not a good one, that she was struggling with her life. Then she said, that she was praying that the Lord will bring new friends into her life and meeting me was not a coincidence!

We talked some more and right there in that steam room I prayed for her, I asked her to put her hands forward, she did, when I finished praying, she looked at me with a smile on her face and told me how lighter she felt. We may see her on our Friday 11am  Bible Study at Cafe Costa York Gate.

I love connecting people to Jesus!

I wonder what would have happened if someone would have found us praying in that steam room! All I know is that we let that steam was clearer and purer!


3 responses to “God Encounters – Steam Room-Prayer Room!”

  1. In all humility and honesty. I would never stay in a steam room with a woman alone. Billy Graham would never counsel or be photographed with a woman alone. I would have exited the steam room immediately when the other man left. I actually believe that you had two choices. I would have followed the man out of the steam room who was chatty and asked him if he needed prayer. You could have easily prayed for her upon your exit and removal from the steam room. I actually see a two for one. Pray hands directly for the guy, pray remotely for the girl. Its the way it should be. IMO.

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