God Encounters – “Lack of Energy”

Words aren’t overly conveying my thanks ….thank you!

One Sunday evening I was with my wife and two of my kids at Carnmoney Presbyterian church. It was great, I loved the setup, placing the worship team at the centre of the room. That is how it should be!

It was a prophetic act of placing Worship at the centre of our lives. I loved it.

When the gathering was over my wife went to get some prayer from a prayer ministry team and that was great. However, she was taking a long time! You know, what I mean, when your kids are saying to you: Has mum finished yet? So we went to get her!!

I sat down and as soon as I did that I felt a great amount of energy leaving my body and I felt totally drained! It was like I had been in the gym for ours.  I asked one of the amazing prayer ministry team, who was seated next to me if she was experiencing lack of energy and she said: No! Wow!! I felt energy leaving me but that was the wrong person. Then I said to them that it is ok to get it wrong, and as I was apologising Stephanie said: “this could be for Kerry”!! I knew when she said that she meant it!

So, we ran and found her, and I think we were the last people in church! I asked her about her condition and she told us that what I felt described pretty much how she was feeling. Then we all prayed for her and as we prayed we had more revelation about her back and hips pains, what happened next was amazing!

This is what she told us later:

So folks just wanted to send a message of thanks to you all for praying for me tonight. I was having such a rough day with my hip/back pain but whatever clicked I’ve had no pain since…..have been bouncing! God is good and tonight was just another reminder of how good he is. Words aren’t overly conveying my thanks ….thank you!

I saw Kerry last week and I asked her if I can share her story to encourage others and with a beautiful smile she said YES and she is still feeling great!!

Come on! Thank you, Jesus.

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