God Encounters – My 2nd Encounter

Soon after my encounter with Jesus I took part in the first mission conference and outreach in Chile organised by Operation Mobilisation. I became very involved in my local church doing evangelism and the formation of a world mission committee. At the same time I was being discipled by the Pastor and trained in youth ministry.

In 1992 I joined Operation Mobilisation’s Mission Ship Logos 2, I was sent by my local church. I completed the two years plus 9 months discipleship training.  I attended, worked, organised many of the seminars on aboard and got involved in so many events. It was a time of real growth  developing many different gifts. I became a translator for the many Pastors’ conferences and enjoyed preaching and teaching in different churches. I matured as a Christian especially in the area of world mission. During my time onboard I prayed about theological education with the intention of being trained as a minister and bible teacher.

One extraordinary event took place in Argentina in 1993 when a brother in Christ, who I had never previously met, gave a word of knowledge and prophesied that I would be a Minister. It was so moved and deeply impacte, because I was praying for the Lord’s guidance. I was just out side the Ship talking to some Argentinian friends and this man said to to me “Are you Chilean? and I said yes and then he said that I have travelled a long distance to get here to tell you that the Lord is calling you to be a Pastor!! After that I never saw him again.

That encounter with the Lord through that prophetic message was so powerful that I went to my cabin and prayed. I knew that the Presence of the Lord was so real and close, and something of the fear of the Lord came upon me. I wept in His presence. After that encounter I went to talk to the Programme Manager of the Ship. This man, a Baptist minister became a great influence in my life during my time onboard. I told him about my encounter with the Lord through that prophetic word telling him that I was afraid, he said to me that it was a good sign!! The Lord does that!! He asked me to  read the book of Jeremiah and I was undone.

Prophetic Words Can Change Your Destiny

Dublin 1995, My last port with Denise Leal and a bunch of crazy lovers of Jesus!

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