Fast and Furious

That is what  I heard! “Fast and Furious”, I heard it as I was listening to my friends giving encouraging , uplifting and upbuilding words to a group of ICCC  amazing people who gathered this evening at Doc Cafe. 

Jeremy Harbinson spoke about “What do you do when it ain’t working?” It was inspirational and full of practical tips. What we heard was so encouraging and I am looking forward to receive the email … Our friend Brian Houston led us in worship and it was as if I was suddenly entering into a heavenly cloud!

Ok, so “Fast and Furious”, (I have not seen all of the “fast and furious” films) but I know that “Furious” can also mean “Intensive” – So Fast and Intensive is what the Lord is going to pour out to those who are hungry for His Presence – It will be like an “Intensive, Intentional and Intimate outpouring of His Presence.  A Holy Spirit acceleration that will be manifested in the physical realm and it will have an important impact in our nation. It is an impartation of wisdom, knowledge and fire. So trust the timings of the Lord and believe His Word.

“your arrows flashed on every side.”

(Psalms 77:17 ESV)


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