Doves Eyes

Last Friday I had the blessing to go to Rick Pino’s worship gathering, organised OpenSkies and Crown Jesus Ministries.

I took my two kids and I was asked to lead and serve in the prayer ministry team, together with some courageous and extraordinary Spirit filled Jesus lovers. My friend Azman and mighty Sarah were also part of our team.

It was a great evening, I loved the way Rick Pino and the band were not up on the stage but they were at the centre of the hall, meaning that they were down with us.

Prayer ministry was different and for some of my team this was a new experience. They did so well, and we did not have a place set up for prayer, so we went to those we believed we were directed to, Jesus said “I do what I see my Father doing”, in John 5:19.

I too had the opportunity to worship, we became the band and our voices became one powerful and beautiful manifestation of the grace of God. We were hungry to encounter Jesus, His Presence and we were not disappointed!

When the atmosphere is pregnant with heaven all things are possible and prayer ministry flows naturally. It becomes natural to pray for others.

Then Rick played this song: “Doves’ eyes” and I was totally undone! It has become my song, it declares everything I love about the presence of God.

So here it is!!


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