Waiting, that is one powerful word!

This morning I took my son to his workplace and I brought with me, my other two kids. One is into comic books so we are waiting for the store to open up and then we will wait till mid-morning to get our caravan and bring it home.

Meanwhile, we came to have something to eat, since it is early in the morning I decided to treat them to a fast food place, which was not as fast as I thought it was! So we waited!

Time is such a gift and I am learning to use it effectively, so seating here enjoying my morning coffee looking at my two kids playing with an interactive board I read these words from my Bible:

“I patiently waited, LORD for you to hear my prayer. You listenedand pulled me from a lonely pit full of mud and mire. You let me stand on a rock with my feet firm, and you gave me a new song, a song of praise to you. Many will see this, and they will honor and trust you, the LORD God. You bless all of those who trust you, LORD and refuse to worship idols or follow false gods.” (Psalms 40:1–4 CEV) 

Today, Saturday, it is one of those ”waiting” days! Yesterday we gathered in our church, 1st Ballynahinch PCI together with all the churches in our town to give thanks, think and worship Jesus, the Lamb. It was a blessed time of unity, fellowship and praise.

But today unlike any other Saturday we wait. Maybe it is just me, but I have always wondered what went on a Saturday like this one when Jesus was no longer present in the lives of the disciples. What did they do?

Jesus told them repeatedly that He was going to die and on the third day will come back and I don’t know if the disciples really believed him. It was probably the longest Saturday in their lives, they waited.

David, in this Psalm really encouraged me this morning, I would like to believe that this was in the hearts of Jesus followers that Saturday as they waited.

For us, for me, the amazing thing about waiting on this Saturday is the fact that I know what is going to happen tomorrow! It is Resurrection Sunday and indeed like this Psalm, we have been placed on a solid rock and there is a new song on our lips.

Waiting brings great rewards.

Now, it is time to get to the comic shop and get the caravan!

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