God Encounters – Healing

I have been asking the Lord for an opportunity to pray for healing and yesterday evening I met a wonderful lady who was in a lot of pain,  she was limping due to a strained and very painful right calf muscle injury.

I went to a meeting organised by one of our local churches to hear and support one of our leaders, who was invited to speak on: “How to listen to God’s voice through Arts! This group are hungry for the Presence of the Lord and the Holy Spirit was present from the word go. Worship was awesome.

When I saw this lady, she was limping badly. I asked her if I could pray for her and she said yes. Her pain was 9, on a scale of 10-1 (10 being very strong)

I prayed for the pain to leave her and it did. We both felt the Presence of the Lord, Then, I took her hands and I asked her to walk with me and she began to walk normally! Jesus, Thank You!

I love this!


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