God Encounters – Salads!

Last week, I met up with my good friend Azman, we went for a light lunch!! That is true!

We met in a restaurant that serves lots of chicken but we ordered salads and water to drink!! Impressive!!

It is there where we met our waitress, (well that is normally the case if you go to a restaurant). She served us really well and after we have finished she came back to us asking us if we wanted something else, I said “coffee would be great and I asked her “how she was doing”. She told us openly that she was not doing that well, saying that she was experiencing a lot of fear at night. Azman and I both looked at each other smiled. Then I said: “we can take care of that”!

She looked at us and asked: “Are you Christians?”. We both said yes and she smiled saying “I am a Christian too”. She told us about her mission trip to Africa and of her future plans. I asked if she was allowed to sit with us while we pray for her, she said yes! Five minutes later she brought us coffee and sat next to us. We prayed for her and she was almost in tears, feeling so happy and amazed that God, her Father, was meeting her right there.

Just before all this unfolded, Azman was already chatting with two other customers encouraging them to see themselves as God. We prayed for them too.

It was an amazing lunch!


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