What to expect in OpenSkies 2018! Bring it on!


This morning I woke up with Brian Houston song “Bring it on” and tomorrow is the opening evening of what it promises to be a landmark in our country and beyond, OpenSkies. This weekend we will praise the name of Jesus, his name is going to be on our lips!

There will be around more than five hundred people, some of them camping, caravanning and visiting for the day.

This year’s line up is so good! There’re familiar faces and some new ones. We will sing new worship songs and old ones, all in an atmosphere for honour and love. Bethel Worship artists are here, one to look forward is Kristene DiMarco, the DiMarcos are very much part these shores. Kristene brings a strong sense of “sensibility and delicacy” when it comes to lead worship. Her song form her new album “I am not victim” is profound, loving and caring, encouraging us to meet the loving father …“I am defined by his promises…”

So, what about tomorrow evening! Brian Houston, Sean Curran, Housefires, and Jason Upton! This is not holding back, this is for the hungry and the thirsty, this is a powerful invite, a calling to get deeper into the waves of God’s powerful musical notes that bring Him pleasure and where we are true DNA is found. We are created to worship Him.

“Bring it on”

If you have not booked your place do it here!


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