OpenSkies Evening and what to expect this Saturday


32190893_1055913617893695_5693668390019792896_oSo we are underway OpenSkies 2018

People setting up their tents, others parking caravans, volunteers registering and meeting Lord O’Neill and asking him for his e-ticket, only to realise that we are transpassing in his property!! – Thank You!

The sound of an electric guitar and the unique and powerful voice of Brian Houston opened OpenSkies worship festival yesterday evening. Brian’s unique style, an anointed leader brings creativity, imagination and a sense of the wonder of the Lord.

Brain together with Lucy Grimble, are opening the worship session this morning. I can hear them know as they run through sounds checks and they sound amazing.

This afternoon we have Peter Mattis, Kristene DiMarco and Housefires, this is a powerful lineup and this evening Wider Shores, Lucy Grimble, Jason Upton, together with Martin Smith.

Wider Shores are our own Openskies worship band, I know them personally, they are friends, brothers and sister with a massive heart for the Lord and what they will bring this evening is a strong presence of youth, honesty, transparency and love for the Holy Spirit.

There is a great sense of expectation and wonder this year, there is a powerful calmness,. I am watching in expectation what the Lord is going to do. It seems like He is saying “Watch, Stand and See what I will do this weekend.

There are going to be many stories from this weekend and we already have some as the Prophetic Prayer Team got underway yesterday evening. To see people coming for prayer and see our team willing to hear from the Lord.

“my soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.” (Psalms 130:6 ESV)

Be Blessed.

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