OpenSkies! God Encounters​


From the first guitar notes played by Brian Houston on Friday evening to the last guitar notes played by Bethel Worship last Sunday night at around 23:20, the sound of heaven’s music was heard throughout this land and beyond. Yes, I met people from Poland, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden, the British Isles, USA, Romania,  Brazil, Chile, Spain and Ireland. In fact, yesterday I was speaking to two people one from Cork and the other for Buncrana, Donegal!

My wife and I and our family were Missionaries in Madrid for almost three years. We lived on the outskirts of  Madrid, a place called Mostoles. Our call to Madrid was to work with youth and to help to plant a church in Alcorcon which is closer to Madrid and literally next to Mostoles!

Well, on Saturday morning my wife said to me that she met a group of young people from Alcorcon Madrid! I could not believe it! I had the amazing pleasure of meeting them and pray for them. Madrid is very much in my heart! What I heard from them was so good, The Lord is going to bring revival to the Catholic Church in Spain and He is going to use young people who are encountering the Holy Spirit right now! Of all the places on earth, this encounter happened in Antrim at OpenSkies. Why? Because this awakening will be carried upon the winds and the sounds of worship! 

One of my highlights was last night. It was  23:15 and the big tent was full of people worshipping Jesus. Not moving, not wanting to move, not leaving. Some were crying, others lost in wonder in the presence of Jesus, Why? Because…let me tell you about this encounter! 

I met an elderly gentleman on Sunday morning, he was walking with difficulty, in fact, he was limping! He told me about his condition and he got prayed later. This is what he said to me when I asked him if he is enjoying the weekend and he looked at me and said:

“Well!! I don’t like this music, it is too loud, I have to stand outside the tent, but the Lord is here!!



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