Not a scratch – Close Encounter

It was a July Sunday afternoon my wife, uncle Ted and three of my children were coming home from Newtownabbey…

My sisters who were visiting from Chile with my Dad prepared Sunday late lunch. My Dad, uncle Ted and I went to Church in the morning, all was ok, normal, peaceful.

My eldest daughter needed a lift home from Newtownabbey, my wife took the family car and went to get her, she asked if anyone wanted to go for a drive! So my two youngest and uncle Ted jumped in the car and off they went.

It was getting late, lunch was almost ready called my wife, she told me that they were on the Motorway, the M2. I could hear my kids, the worship music in the background, they were on their way…

Suddenly the side door of our house burst open and one of my youngest came to get me, shouting Dad! We almost crashed!

I saw their faces, their tone of voice and I knew that something was not right. All I can hear from them was “It was not our time, thank God we are still alive”.

Then my wife and uncle Ted who was sitting at the front began to share what just happened… “I was driving on the Motorway almost near Seaview when I saw a car driving in the opposite direction, it was heading to us, we were on a head-on collision, it was driving really fast, I could not believe it. I could not turn to the right because another car was coming on that lane, so I swang the car to my left, praying that I had enough space to get through, it was all too fast, thankfully there was no other car coming on that lane… we scaped, we just did. I asked uncle Ted to phone the police, he did”.

When my wife finished I checked my tweeter account, only to find out that on that Sunday afternoon the Motorway was closed due to a horrific car crash. Later that day it was all over the local news tragically with one fatality.

I cannot imagine the pain, I can only be thankful that my family was protected. We are so thankful and grateful for the prayers of the people that I have the blessing and joy to pastor.

We sat down, the food was ready, it was great, we prayed, gave thanks for it, for our lives for protection and for those who were caught up in that accident.

The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in
From this time forth and forever.

Psalm 121:8 (NASB)


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