“Created to Worship”

We are born worshippers, that is who we are and what we do.

You and I were created to worship, that which has captivated your heart to the point that you are willing to lay down all… that is worship.

Worship is a one-way ticket

It was during OpenSkies when I heard Lucy Grimble leading worship. I was so moved by what Lucy carries, it is fresh, honest, unrestrained. I could not stay much longer, I had a seminar to look after, I ran to the seminar tent with a seed planted in my heart!

I have been listening to Lucy’s worship album “Lost in Wonder”, it is such a transparent work.

Her song “Created to Worship” is real, Scriptural, poetic and honest. It has moved me to worship the One who is captivating my heart. “I will not stop ’till I’ve all my praise out, like David a king yet so unrestrained”. 

What if we are captivated to lay down all that we do, who we are and our will …“Cos I was created to worship…with a heart full of worship that can’t be contained”

@First, the worshipping community that I lead, we will journey to become lay down lovers …”With a heart full of love that can’t be contained So, I’ll sing I will dance I will shout out I won’t stop ‘til I’ve let all my praise out  Like David a king yet so unrestrained”


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