Mother’s tears

There is something so powerful when a mother cries!

This week my third son began his secondary education, he was a bit nervous but really excited! We walked to school and I offered to hold his hand only to be reassured that …well you know… totally not cool!

I left him at the very front doors of the school making sure that this was to be his educational, social home for years to come. I began to walk back home when I noticed a mother weeping, it was gentle, it was moving.

This reminded me of my own mother, the day that she and my dad drove me to Santiago, I left home that day to follow my dreams… I saw her crying, mother’s tears!

All of us have experienced something similar, knowing that at some stage of our lives there is someone who carries the heart of God and many mothers are modelling this.

Mother’s tears are gentle and powerful reminders that we are loved.

“As a mother comforts her child, so I’ll comfort you…” (Isaiah 66:13 MESSAGE) 



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