What if we pray!!

During my time over in Canada, I was so moved by the revival that is taking in Southland Church!

During the weekend of Church Renewal, we got to pray with so many people!

It was such sight, the main auditorium and other venues in Southland Church were all full, praying for a move of God, for families, ministries, country, the world, leaders, pastots, a whole evening of worship and prayer. They called it “Prayer Summit” and indeed it was!

I have never experienced corporate prayers of thousands!

I was humbled to be asked to sing in Spanish “The splendour of the King”, I had a amazing and beautiful view of the Church, it was a sight that I won’t forget.

To be led in prayer and hear the gentle whisper of thousands was uplifting and moving.

Today I had the amazing privilege to talk to a class of P4, I shared with them about my late Granny who always prayed for me. She prayed that I will Encounter the Lord, that I will follow the teaching of Jesus and that I will serve him. Well, I can say that her prayers were answered.

What if today we pray for our families, for our churches, for our friends, for our country and the world the prayer that my Granny prayed?

Pray without ceasing. (1 Th. 5:17 ESV

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