Set Free – God Encounter – Reality Check!

There are a few places that I have been where the emphasis on repentance and forgiveness is well taught and practised.

During my time in Southland Church, I became so aware that the God we serve is Holy and I became even more aware of the reality of my own sins. We don’t talk about sin very often, it is off-putting and not very trendy, and yet if we are honest we all have it and we are all affected by it. The most important thing is that God will forgive us if we repent.

Being there, I felt the need to go deeper into this and without knowing it I became so aware of the fear of the Lord. There is a healthy aspect about the fear of the Lord, the one that makes us come to God in awe and reverence.

I love revival, I love the Presence of God and I love pushing into it, I love getting deeper with God and at Southland, I experienced a healthy biblical balance of the fear of the Lord.

The reason I am saying this, it is because during the “Set Free Seminar” we had the opportunity to come into a group of three Pastors where we to pray for one another, to confessed and repented and we declared the forgiveness of the Lord over our lives. I have never met the Pastors I prayed with and I will never see them again and yet it was an opportunity to come clean and to be renewed through repentance and forgiveness. What I experienced that day was Freedom!

As I write this I know that what I experienced was a miracle, I had only a few hours of sleep on me, I was still heavily jetlag. Yet I was so aware of His Presence that the sacrifice and the effort were worth the cost. I woke up early on Sunday morning so fresh and light.

Last Sunday morning I talked about the Sacrifice of Praise, the worship and the offering. That when we worship Him we do with reverence and awe, as Hebrews 12:29 says “For our God is a consuming fire”.

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