Roots are so important!

Yesterday morning after leaving my son to school I drove back home to get some coffee and some toast! Nothing extraordinary about that.

I am usually calm, but yesterday morning, I was unsettled. All the news channels, radio and newspapers were all into one big subject that it is affecting us all. I turned on the news channel and I was shocked by the lack of clarity.

Then, I felt a strong need to go for a walk, it was like the Lord wanted me to see something!! So I got my jacket, put on my walking boots and I drove to one of my favourite places, which is only 10 minutes drive from our house.

I had other plans!

Halfway into my walk around the lake was when I saw it.

How is it possible that being so long and powerful it was laying there beside that walking path? What about its roots? Was it the strong wind? Was it cut down? I realised that this is what He wanted me to see!

Is this what happens when our roots don’t go far enough into the rich soil and streams of water?

Is this what happens when we stop listening to Him?

Is this what happens when we stop depending on Him?

Is this a picture of our nation?

Is this a picture of our churches?

Is this a picture of my life?

Why did He want me to see it, to touch it and to smell it?

I would love to say that I had a massive revelation from God, something prophetically and mystical! But I don’t.

But, what I realised at that moment that I was being invited into a deeper intimacy with Him. It was an invitation for the more, for going deeper!

This tree had everything, shelter, a lake by its side and good soil. Yet it was down!

Could it be that when we enjoy good pastures we may be in danger of becoming so familiar with it that we lose sight of the wonder, awe and reverence of the One who is Creator?

When He comes as the gardener to prune us it is an invitation to go deeper with Him?

For I am like a tree whose roots reach the water, whose branches are refreshed with the dew.
(Job 29:19 NLT-SE)

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