Make room for the Holy Ghost!

Make room for the Holy Ghost! I heard it said on a TV advert last week, I think it was a documentary about life in Ireland. Yet, it spoke to me powerfully.

Can God speak like that? Yes, He can.

The issue is: What do we do when we are spoken by the Holy Spirit in ways we are not familiar with? Sometimes, familiarity brings conformity and because we are people of habits we expect the Holy Spirit to talk to us as He has done it in the past. Now, there is nothing wrong with that provided that what we hear is fresh.

What if “make room for the Holy Ghost” is a prophetic declaration that we need to hear in order to pay attention to what He is doing and about to do!

Would you imagine what would happen if we are “stirred up” by the Holy Ghost? Honestly, I would love it to happen to me, where my spirit is stirred up by God. Can he do that? Yes, he can, he has done in the past and He will do it again.

How? Well, Haggai said it “consider your ways”!! (Haggai 1:5,7) The Holy Ghost will never condemn you but will lovingly convict you! His love has no limits and covers a multitude of sins! Therefore we can trust his voice even if he comes in ways we don’t expect.

Make room for the Holy Ghost!


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