Last week we buried one beloved member of our church and it was the biggest funeral that I have ever conducted. Our church was pack with many others standing outside.

I have no doubt death will come to all of us. We will leave family, friends, pets and many things that we have accumulated over the years.

Yet, there is one thing that is common here on earth and it is common in heaven and that it is “Community”. Those who have entrusted their lives to Jesus Christ know that when death comes it is never the end but it is the beginning of life and the full expression community and fellowship with God.

I was so moved to see our community coming out to support and mourn together with the family and closest friends that assured in me the powerful positive influence of “community”.  Mourning brings people together, that is why suffering is so blatantly human and divine.  Mourning it is not just an emotional experience but a very spiritual one.

“Jesus wept.”

(John 11:35 NIV11-GKE)

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