God Encounters

Last month (October) our Church hosted a Burn 24/7 worship, prayer and ministry evening. Our friends Zach and Mandy came for a short visit to Northern Ireland, they were on their way to the Middle East.

We had a fantastic time of worship, we shared stories, and we prayed for Zach and Mandy’s mission.

Almost at the end of our time together, I invited our prayer ministry team to come forward and asked those who came to receive prayer. One team member shared a word of knowledge for someone with a sore hand, and he described how the pain started saying that it was like someone chopping something on a kitchen board. Then, one man lifted his hand, saying that that word was for him.

At our Harvest evening service, the brother that lifted his hand told us that he hurt his hand just as it was described by that word of knowledge given that evening, saying that it was healed. He shared this testimony from the pulpit as part of his sermon!

What I love about this “God Encounter” is that the one who gave that Word of Knowledge and the one who received it and was healed are two elders of my church.

Be Blessed

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