Fingerprints, we all have them, it is our unique ID!

Last night my good friend Azman said something that got my attention, and it was so simple, and yet for me, it was very profound. He spoke about the Fingerprints of Jesus.

Jesus had fingerprints just all of us! He was human, and his fingerprints were found everywhere he placed his hands, well his fingers!!

Every Jesus’ handshake, every time he used his hands to pray for people. Prayers for healing, deliverance and every prayer of blessings. If he used his hands, then every single of his fingers were placed on peoples’ bodies, even every food that he touched had his fingerprints!

The state uses fingerprints, government, to identify us because they are so unique to us! The can solved mysteries, crimes and more!! We even use it on our mobile phones!

When Jesus encountered the woman and his accusers in John 8, we find him bending down, and he wrote on the ground, and I don’t think he used a stick but his fingers. His fingerprints were placed on the ground, the soil that he created, the earth that he shaped and formed! Jesus, as a man set his prints on the planet, his uniqueness and his identity on it.

When Jesus was rebuked of casting out demons under the power of Satan, Jesus pointed out the contrary saying that “But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.” (Luke 11:20 NIV11)

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