She gave birth to her firstborn son…

“Before I was born the Lord called; from my birth he has mentioned my name” (Is. 49:1)

This words from Luke describing the birth of Jesus is not unique to Jesus.

I find that so beautiful because, to be honest, we are all called this way. We have in us the ability to know that our creator has called us to a life of abundance, purpose and joy.
This only comes alive in us when we let the light that Jesus brings. It is like you, and I have a special treasure box that is locked inside of us and the only to enter and get that treasure is to ask Jesus to come into our lives and let him open it. He has the key and the light to search for the treasure box. Once he is in us, he uses his light exposing the reality of who we are without fear and shame and in that act of revealing our identity he brings his own “light” as a gift to us, so we embrace his glorious life. He also has the keys to open up the treasure box and inside there, we find our true identity, life, purpose and joy.

I remember before my sons and daughters were born, we already had their names and wonderfully, we knew them, and they knew us. When the day of their birth came like a “welcome home” experience. Somehow, our kids became our treasures and the key to unlocking my heart was and still is the love I have for them.

Before I was born, the Lord called me!! He is calling us now!

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