God Encounters – M&S

Today I had the amazing blessing of speaking words of encouragements and releasing the Hope that is in us.

So I went to Sprucefield to check a new mic for my camera, as it was almost lunchtime. Hence, I decided to get a coffee and wee sandwich, and I adventured into the unfamiliar territory of M&S.

At the till I spoke, I had the most fantastic conversation with an amazingly powerful woman. For five minutes, I was able to tell her what the Lord thinks of her and how much he loves her.

I told her what I do and that I don’t like religion, but relationships are significant to me, and then she just told me about her life.

It only took five minutes, I left with my coffee and sandwich leaving behind a beautiful smile, a with the assurance that she is being pursued by the one who is perfect Love.

There were tables, chairs outside M&S people were enjoying the sun, the freedom and it was kind of normal!

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