A Gospel Word

I have the privilege of moving between two camps, which for me, in fact, are both the same. I believe that all of the gifts of the Spirit are for today and I believe in Reformed Theology.

That is why I’m writing this because lately, I have become more convinced that any prophetic word given should lead us to an encounter with Jesus and the Gospel.

The essence of the gift of prophecy actually spells out for us in 1 Cor. 14, at its very core is about encouragement, edifying and comforting the body of Christ and the world. These three fundamental principles were modelled by Jesus and this should be the same for us.

Every time this gift is used should be so that everyone, including the messenger, should have an encounter with Jesus and the Good News.

It does not matter if the word of is about the future, or about something about the present circumstances, it should point to Jesus and not to the prophet. Maybe I am just a bit weary of seeing amazing words given that leaves us in awe but does not leave us loving Jesus more.

Within the prophetic, three basic essential elements should be considered, these are: “revelation, interpretation and application”. Each one of them should point to the Gospel or at the very least, an invitation to meet with Jesus.

What is the Gospel? It is the revelation of Jesus. If your Gospel is just to get people saved, then you have a minimal view of what the Gospel is about.

The Gospel is central to our faith, every word given should be submitted to the Gospel. It has to be a Gospel centre word.

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