I will offer up my life

This is one of the iconic landmarks of Rosses Point, Sligo.

We have been coming here for many years, and I love the scenery.

When I first saw it, I thought that her posture was one of worship, with her extended arms and wide open hands, as if she was expecting a gift or giving praise.

Her stance deeply moved me, and when I got closer and looked at her face, I realised that this statute speaks of so much pain and human loss.

It is there to remind the future generations of the suffering and pain of those who were lost at sea and to those who made the journey from this bay over the seas to other lands.

Somehow, I realised that this pain and suffering is also an expression of worship.

Worship is not just an exuberant experience, it is deeper than that.

There is sacrifice in worship, there is pain in the offering. When we come to the one who is to be worshipped, we should come to him just as we are…”I will offer up my life”… Matt’s Redman once wrote.

This statute is a powerful reminder of the fragility of life, it speaks to me about courage and hope. It also talks about the anguish and the pain of knowing that those who ventured into the sea were at the mercy of the strong waves, powerful winds, storms, strong currents… and never to come back, or never to reach their shores. Yet those who made it, this woman reminds me, of the “we are waiting for you, we long for you to come back”.

I wonder if this is what God the Father does, extending his hands waiting and expecting for their sons and daughters to come home.

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