Sligo, Ireland July 2020

I took this video sitting next to my daughter, and it was a beautiful evening, ah Kazan Finley was also with us, he is our dog. (yes he has two names!)

We sat on a rock while our dog was making a hole in the pebbles and getting his paws mucky. As I contemplated what was before me I could not ignore it, it was like time stood still and it felt that I was transported to another place, a place where I was sustained by the waves, carried by the currents, I felt safe and secure.

The tranquillity of the waves crashing over the beach. The constant flow, one after another, the power behind it with its beautiful sequences and rhythms.
But each wave was different, even though they may look the same, they were different, some were reaching the shore on a slow pace, others wanting to finish the journey with a mighty crash sound saying “I am here, I have arrived”.

It was nature’s poetry, whose writer is God, and I was there with my daughter and our dog to enjoy God’s beautiful display of what sometimes we take for granted.

I was moved by the simplicity and the mystery of each different wave, the uniqueness of its timing and the display of its glorious end, crashing over the pebbles.

As I sat, I was reminded of the powerful Person who lives in me and that I too am unique. I looked towards my daughter, and just like me, she is also beautifully created and unique, and each wave, each journey is unique. Then the thought came rushing in through my mind and landed on my heart “I made you to be glorious, to ride over the waves and if you let me, you will finish well”.

In that precise moment, Kazan barked telling us “look I made big hole” which was now full of seawater!!

The waves of the Presence of God, the Love of God are ever so near and sometimes what we see are just pebbles, stones, and rocks, but underneath there is a strong current, there is a fountain of water that never ends.

I love when I rest in His Presence, and his mighty power leads me, and I struggle when all I see are rocks. Still, if you and I let him, he can whisper that under the rocks there is a fountain of fresh living water and whoever comes to him, this fountain which will never end can satisfy and quench the dryness, the rocky places of our souls. Jesus said to go to him because when we do, we will find rest and rest is not the absence of power, it is the opposite.

2 responses to “Transported”

  1. Dario, I feel your peace and love with the Father. Have a wonderful journey sweet friend!

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