The Name

You are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins. Lk 1:31

The responsibility of naming someone is a big one. I have four children, two boys and two girls and my wife and I spent a considerable time choosing the correct name. I decided not to give him my first name as my dad did with his father and me. I wanted my sons to have their names, their own identities.
Identity, this is it! This is what is in a name, thankfully we have not heard from our children complaining about their names, and as they grow older and now as young adults, we can say things like, “This is typical of …” and we will tell their name.
Yet, the responsibility was enormous, and unlike Mary and Joseph, they were told what the name of the baby Mary was pregnant with; they did not choose it. Instead, it was given to them.
This name, Jesus, originated in heaven. It was a God-given name, and God was responsible for naming his Son. This name, Jesus, was entrusted to the angel. It was part of his assignment to deliver this name to Mary and Joseph.
I found this fascinating that there was such robust angelic activity as if this was so delicate and powerful that a high-rank Angel was commissioned to deliver this news and with the news a name.
The name that will forever change the course of history.
But it was also a matter for Mary and Joseph. They did not resent, nor did they argue with an angel.
They did not say, “Sorry, but we have a name for this boy”! We don’t need you to give us a name! His name will be Joseph! Their assignment was to obey and wonder that the baby that was conceived was to become the Saviour of his people and heal the broken hearts of humanity. He will save people from their sins.
No one on this earth in history has stated this and has done it.
This is why I believe in him; it is not a matter of a leap of faith. On the contrary, it is a faith rooted in tested in obedience and rooted in the very heart of God.

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